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Updated Aug 2021

About Us

Q:What is Ins Studio? What are the services are you provide?

A: We are a Studio Rental Provider based in Singapore.


Q: What are the people are allowed to rent the studio?

A:We provide beautiful space for Individuals, Professional Photographers/ Videographers who are loving to take photos. We are also welcome Business Cooperations.


Q: How many themes do you have?

A: Currently we have 12 themes in Ins Studio, as well as some small props for your photoshoot. Within the Standard Rate, all themes at level 1 and level 2, all props at level 1 are allowed to use.


Q: Do you provide outfit?

A: Yes of course! We have many outfits for major types of occasions, it is NOT included in the Standard Rate, please check "add-on" page. For example: Japanese Kimono for Gentlemen and Lady, Chinese Cheongsam, Dancing dress for Ballet, Wedding Gown and Evening Dress for Bride To Be, Korean Style Suit, Nightwear for bath, Long dress for Turkey photoshoot, Baby wear, Some interesting outfit, Caps, Gloves, Shoes, High heels, Bow Tie/ Tie, Lace for Maternity. We also have some accessories to match the outfit.

by Founder L


Updated Aug 2021

About You

Q: Hi! I am a Freelance Photographer. I want to bring my clients to take photos. May I rent your studio?

A: Yes of course!

Q: Hi! I am a Bride to Be. I have my preferred photographer to take my wedding photos and I see Ins Studio is so nice! May I rent your studio?

A: Yes of course! For all wedding couples, you can bring your photographer and rent Ins Studio to take your wedding photos.

Meanwhile, Ins Studio is also a very nice place to take Maternity and Baby Photoshoot.


Q: Hi! I am planning my Baby 1st Year Birthday Party. May I rent your studio?

A: Yes of course! We provide space for Major Types of Parties. For example, Birthday Party, Registration of Marriage Party, Celebration Party, Graduation Party and etc. Also, we provide simple decorations if you would like to have your party in Ins Studio. 

**for decoration price, please check our "add-on" page


Q: Hi! I am a Freelance Florist/ Artist, I am planning to invite my students to have an actual learning class. May I rent your studio?

A: Yes of course! You can use our Kitchen theme as your working and learning space.

** for event arrangement price, please check our "add-on" page

Q: Hi! I am a Media Agency and our company will like to take our portfolio photos in Ins Studio. May I rent your studio?

A: Yes of course!

by Founder C

Leather Camera

Updated Aug 2021

About Booking & Payment

Q: If I was interested to book Ins Studio, what is the procedure?

A: Check our slots availability and make payment via Paynow. You will receive a confirmation email.


Q: Is there any refundable deposit when I make the booking?

A: Yes, there is a refundable security deposit shall be paid when you make the booking. To secure our assets, this is a MUST. We will refund the security deposit to you after you check out without damaging or lost of the assets.

**for refundable security deposit, please check our "booking" page


Q: If I wanted to change my booking slots, is it allowed?

A: Sorry, the booking slots are not allowed to exchange because it will affect other person's booking.


Q: If I wanted to cancel my booking, can I get any refund?

A: Sorry, we do not allow any of the refund. If you were like to cancel your booking or you missed your booking slots, the payment will be forfeited.


Q: If I wanted to transfer my booking to another person, is it allowed?

A: Yes, you can transfer the booking to another person. If you decided to transfer your booking to another person, you need to email the new person information to us, at least 24 hours before the booking slots. The payment will be forfeited if the submission of new person information is less than 24 hours.


Q: If I couldn't finish my photoshoot within my booking slots, am I able to extend the hours?

A: Yes of course! Before you extend the hours, you need to check slots availability and make payment online same as a new booking. You need to done the booking as earlier as possible and if we had available slots, payment shall be received at least 15 minutes before your next session.

by Founder L


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