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Welcome to our world of wedding photography, where we capture every beautiful moment in our unique indoor studio. This video showcases our latest indoor shoot, freezing romantic embraces and joyful smiles in time with our lens.

✨ Why Choose Us? ✨

  • Professional photography team

  • Custom wedding gowns

  • Unique shooting locations

  • Warm and memorable experience

Let's create your love story together and leave lasting memories. Book your session now and begin your journey of happiness!

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Wonderful Indoor Studio Shoot Experience


Abigail Cheong

“A huge thank you to the team at Story Wedding for a wonderful PWS experience! Special thanks to our professional photgrapher, Anson, who lightened the atmosphere with such a bubbly and fun personality and took really lovely photos of us! Anson, June and Claire made our PWS an extremely enjoyable one, thank you so much!!”

Joreen Wong

"Hi Story Wedding team,

Jinfeng and I want to express our gratitude to JUNE, ANSON, and CHRISTINE for the amazing and enjoyable PWS. We would especially like to thank our professional Senior photographer Anson, who brightened the entire atmosphere and made my fiancé and I feel less uncomfortable during the shoot. Thank you June for being so cheerful along side with Anson and for taking so many beautiful videos for us, including creating a IG reel! 🤩 We appreciate you giving us an extra hour so we could get enough time to shoot pictures in the different locations. Christine changed my four hairstyles in a flash and did it with such professionalism that she also make sure we had enough time within our hours. Not forgetting to mention, for taking good care of me throughout the shoot."

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